Abbott unveils waste action website plan as Rudd criticizes Abbott for ‘racketeering’

Abbott unveils waste action website plan as Rudd criticizes Abbott for ‘racketeering’ Updated Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has set up an action website for Australians to report waste that could cost the Government millions. Mr Abbott says «waste collection is보성출장마사지 not just a waste industry», but also Australia’s largest employer and a source of jobs. qihe bijoux pendentif collier long faux daim chaine gland ventilateur pendentif collier boho bijoux boheme collier boho chic The site, ‘Wastebooks Australia’, will collect waste from every sector and will give Australians the ability to make complaints and report incidents. kofsac de luxe cristal cz flocon de neige pendentif breloque collier 925 en argent sterling colliers pour les femmes de noel fete bijoux cadeaux Mr Abbott says Australians who report waste can use the site to complain to banks, solicitors, the Federal Government, the Department of the Environment and the아산안마 federal health department. collier fantaisie soldes He also said there were 3,000 jobs generated by waste collection and he wanted the waste to be a source of energy or fuel. collier ras de cou demi lune 1collierfrance8407 Mr Abbott has previously faced criticism over his approach towards waste and has said he had a «plan in place» to address it. The website will feature a ‘waste-watcher’ tagline and will feature an interactive map where Australians can send in their complaints. bijou leclerc collier 3collierfrance610 He says the Government’s own data and audit show about $3 billion worth of waste is handled우리 카지노 in the country, but Mr Abbott says they have «no idea what that amounts to».


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