Ajax rescue deal collapses

Ajax rescue deal collapses

The White House was trying to help the former House speaker, Newt Gingrich, who has had to distance himself from the group since it split into two pieces in August.

«In this case, we’ll have to get Newt Gingrich involved to ensure that it’s not some little joke between us. There’s no other way around it,» said one White House official.

The group, founded in 1999 by Trump’s father, Richard, was seen as a political football. He called it «the most toxic political movement in the history of the country.»

But it became an unexpected political force as its members began to pick off candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain, even putting some in the Senate. The Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, supported the group, and said in September last year that it was «dead wrong» to label immigrants coming to the United States as criminals.

«When I started the group, there were about four or five people who were actually smart people who were saying, ‘Yeah, we’re smart. We should call it the Dreamers, because we shouldn’t be taking any immigrants from co코인카지노untries that have been — who have been responsible for bringing drugs. And crime and all kinds of things. But we shouldn’t be taking people that have gone through that,’ » Trump said in October 2012, adding later that «nobody thinks those young guys that want to go to college and take our jobs and all these other wonderful things, maybe shouldn’t be called criminals.»

After his endorsement of Trump, Gingrich said that, «You’re going to get to the end of the world for people who start thinking they’re being protected.»

On Wednesday, however, the former Republican candidate himself gave a more n로투스 홀짝uanced version of what he considered one of the group’s goals: the creation of a permanent path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

«I would welcome any group that has principles that we believe in that are not just the political principles, and I don’t mean political party, political ideology, or political views,» said Gingrich in an interview with CNN.강원안마

Gingrich told The New York Times that he believed the two sides of the party — Republicans and Democrats — would find common ground in his proposed plan.

«I would love to get to a point where there’s a compromise of some sort,» Gingrich said, referring to the Dreamers. «I wouldn’t think it’s a bad thing to start with.»


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