Australian automobile association political inaction road tolls

Australian automobile associat온라인바카라ion political inaction road tolls?

Billionaire Peter Peterson is among those who believe the Liberals need a rethink, and while the party is looking to rebuild its brand with the upcoming election, he doesn’t believe there has been a proper plan for the toll lane in North Vancouver.

«The Liberals’ tolls seem to be a major factor in why, if I get in, I’ll be in, I can’t find anyone,» said Peterson, who says he would only pay the $6.75 for each trip made through the road. «All you can do is hope that the price will go up to bring people out of the shadows, but if they can’t pay, there’s no point. That doesn’t help people.»

Peter Peterson is calling for a plan that puts more money into connecting and bridging the toll road to the Pacific Coast Highway. (CBC)

Peterson thinks it’s time for the province to create a new approach to improving intercity congestion by investing in major infragta5카지노structure projects. He is urging the federal government to make some adjustments to plans to build and improve the Pacific Coast Highway near the B.C. border to the west.

«It seems like the Liberal government’s all focused on getting rid of the B.C. border. That’s one of the things we want to see the B.C. government do to improve the infrastructure around Vancouver. … That’s the biggest reason why we support the B.C. government [for] new construction on the Pacific Coast Highway that is needed in order to get more people out of their cars on the hig올인 119hway.»

There are a handful of projects to upgrade the highway over the next 10 years, but so far, all have been stalled and only one is likely to see a major road closure on July 8.

As for the tollway, Peterson says he’d be shocked if the toll lane never got built.

«The whole premise of the tollway was that we have a finite capacity, you can’t take tolls through traffic. I know when I took two tolls in a day, I didn’t go to bed hungry for six weeks. There are people who pay all day. There are people who are really happy to pay a $6.75 toll for a trip.»


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