Government calls for input on onshore gas pipeline

Government calls for input on onshore gas pipeline

KNO진주출장마사지XVILLE, Tenn. — An environmental group is asking the state Department of Natural Resources for an analysis of proposed constructi창원출장마사지on of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s proposed onshore gas pipeline, which would connect the Little Tennessee Valley to the state’s Eastern Shore.

Catherine M. Clark, with the Southern Environmental Law Center, said in a letter Thursday the study should examine the impacts of the pipeline on drinking water and human health. «Our focus is not just the pipeline itself; we also have to look at the ways that this pipeline will impact the environment and wildlife.»

Clark noted that while the U.S. Energy Department has reviewed the potential environmental risks for drilling the project in the eastern North Carolina and North Carolina Bay, it has yet to determine a «proper regulatory framework» for it in the western part of the state.

TAMPA Baykeeper is an environmental advocacy group based in Hillsborough. It is one of several groups challenging the proposed drilling under the waterway.

In late November, the state commission on environmental impact reviews awarded an environmental assessment to a gas pipeline that would connect with the North Carolina Bay at the mouth of the Tennessee River, as well as the western side of the James and Little Tennessee Rivers.

But after hearing complaints from opponents, the commission on Nov. 18 gave preliminary approval to the project in late March of the gas pipeline, known as the «Prestel» because it will pass through the city of Pensacola and then through the city of Miami Beach and the southern Gulf of Mexico.

«The Pritchett pipe is an urgent and expensive transportation route for Florida’s most valuable industry,» said Dan Sirois, communications director for the Sierra Club and an attorney for the Florida Water, Lands and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which owns and runs the city’s airport, Miami-Dade County’s beaches and municipal property. «By approving this project, the state is sending a clear message to other gas pipelines that they are not welcome on the Florida coast and ar여수출장마사지 여수안마e needed to accommodate this important industry, which is needed as the Gulf of Mexico becomes increasingly more vulnerable to climate change.»

In May, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, a New Hampshire-based advocacy organization, sued the state, arguing that the Pritchett pipeline proposal violates the Outer Islands Convention on the Law of the Sea, which prohibits any activity that «circles the earth’s surface for more than one year.»

The Sierra Club said it is als


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