He was understandably unhappy about having to return

The clinic suspended most of its regular activities in mid March when the Spanish government declared the state of emergency that is expected to last at least until April 26. It had to transform itself in a short period of time, changing its routine and using nearly all of its resources to treat the coronavirus patients. The staff had to be retrained to learn new medical protocols and how to protect themselves..

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1 seed to lose to a No. 16 seed in the NCAA men’s tournament. It was hard to believe that, a year later, they would win it all. The bigger reason, however, is personal: the joy of watching «The Last Dance» with my son. He was understandably unhappy about having to return home from college prematurely this spring. He has not been in any way truculent, but most 20 year olds would rather be with their friends than with their parents.

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