«It was just a one woman show,» says Stockard

In his article entitled «Debating the Issues in Colonial Newspapers: Primary Documents on Events of the Period» David Copeland explains how women supported their families in a variety of capacities and also often attended important social events which enabled them to do more for their communities and country than ever before, such as the October 1774 meeting in which women in North Carolina vowed to boycott British tea (Copeland, 2000). Women were gaining new notoriety as the mothers of the new country and taking their roles very seriously even George Washington took notice of their importance, stating «You ladies are in the number of the best patriots America can boast» (Roberts, 2004). Unfortunately, some things had not changed and would not for quite some time yet..

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New Hipster fashion is now just a joke again. It may have had its moment, but it’s a Halloween getup now. Someone go to the organic food stores and tell these people before it’s too late! They like to be ahead of the curve, you know.2 Comic but Racist Elements of «Back To The Future»..

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When it all ended, Mitchell had come off the bench to account for nearly one third of the Pantherettes’ offense. She scored 30 points that night disorder and all led the Pantherettes to a 99 97 double overtime victory. «It was just a one woman show,» says Stockard.

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