Jobless rate jumps to 58pc in sa

Jobless rate jumps to 58pc in sa.

Census data also show a rise in hours worked. The average worker working part-time at least three hours a week rose to 28 per cent over the past six months, up from 23 per cent last year.

The number of Australians on benefits rose by 2.7 million over the past three months.

Australia: The unemployment rate is still almost 10 per cent higher than when Tony Abbott became prime minister

The jobless rate stands at 59 per cent — and is even higher among young adults — with almost seven per cent of 22- to 34-year-olds on benefits.

Young Australians are disproportionately represented in the ranks of Australia’s underemployed and jobless. Australia is one of the most highly-taxed countries in the world. The average Australian earns around $60블랙 잭,000 per year and takes home almost $24,000 more than if they worked full-time.

Australia: Unemployment rate is still over 12.4 per cent, according to official figures

Meanwhile, the Australian Consumer Price Index is at its lowest level since 2003.

The price index, which covers almost every element of living standards, is now showing signs포항안마 of cooling in October.

The price index, which excludes fuel, electricity and clothing, has edged down since October, hitting 31.5 in October from October 2015.

The cost of buying a two-bedroom apartment in Sydney jumped 10 per cent in November to 2.7 per cent of median Australian wage in the October survey.

But the index continues to trend down as No에그 벳vember’s price index falls further.

Australia: Unemployment rate is still over 12.4 per cent, according to official figures

Australian home ownership rate, up 18.9 per cent to 69.9 per cent, is the highest on record, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This marks a 16 per cent increase from the year before, according to Statistics Australia.


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