Just like on Dallas,» said Rick Bumgardner, Artistic

«It is very disappointing. The things we have worked for came from grants we have written, some of it was donated to us. The students are the ones who put all of the hard work in, doing car washes every other week, doing any fundraiser they could to raise the money for our athletic program,» Espana said..

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Ils considrent simplement qu’ils n’ont pas t des bourreux, mais, l’instar des Juifs, des victimes des nazis. Il est vrai qu bon nombre de Polonais ont t victimes de la tyrannie des nazis. Mais, force est de rappeler que beaucoup de Polonais ont collabor avec les nazis.

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I’m grateful to have played a role in bringing him to life on the cover of our March magazine. Stories those we tell, and those told about us are the closest any of us will come to immortality. By that measure, Larry Finch is indeed alive and well, among us even.


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