Man accused of assaulting police officer who tried to stop him

Man accused of assaulting police officer who tried to stop him

«We can’t tell you whether you are a victim of domestic abuse or police brutality and we can’t tell you whether you are the victim of the most violent law enforcement officer in US history. That is a very good question to ask as far as we’re concerned,» said DeLong.

On Wednesday afternoon the family of the victim, a 30-year-old woman who has been arrested on a charge of battery against an officer, was allowed to meet with DeLong about their case.

The family told the Dallas Morning News the judge had not addressed domestic violence at all for nearly two years and has not spoken to the victim. The only time the family spoke with DeLong about the case was earlier in March when he gave the family a copy of the victim’s police report that listed the charges against the officer involved.

DeLong said he was happy to hear about the case and will be reviewing it again after this hearing.

«우리카지노The only question that really remains is, what did we learn in all of this?» DeLong asked reporters. «This is a very disturbing matte바카라r. But we’re going to learn about it and we’re going to be transparent and will allow people to우리카지노 comment on it.»

Attorney Mike Oltman, who represents the family of the woman arrested for the domestic abuse charge, said a criminal complaint alleging an assault against the officer may be in the «very early stages» but that the court hasn’t released anything yet.

«I think a lot of people are concerned that this officer’s behavior has not been discussed and they feel the family members or the families are not getting access to him,» Oltman told CNN.

The Dallas Police Department released the name of the officer involved. Police spokeswoman Sgt. Vanessa VanHook said the unnamed officer was being treated for shock from his injury, which is not considered life-threatening, and has been placed on administrative leave.

«I would not be surprised if it gets much more serious,» Oltman told CNN.


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