Man fined for taking dogs into national park

Man fined for taking dogs into national park


A father-of-three has been fined $100 for taking his dog into a national park and bringing it into the bush.

The man was at the Horseshoe Falls on Monday and saw several dogs roaming around and playing in an area called the «Mudhole Creek».

When he went to get his pet, he encountered a number of people standing there with dogs and he was fined $100.

The dog, named Jody, was not injured.

But for animal protection groups, the man was caught and arrested.

The incident comes aft바카라사이트er Australian authorities have released footage they say proves a dog can sniff around the area without being shot dead by government officials.

The man told ABC News he would have gone through life without seeing dogs.

«To me it’s very obvious that in this day and age dogs should be kept within their range for their own good,» he said.

The man also said peopl바카라e’s behaviour should be respected because dogs «do have some sense of the future».

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