Mel Ott had just bashed his 500th homer to join Babe

Girls love to wear cross earrings and it is very common for boys to wear a cross earring in one ear. Teenagers and young adults that are Christian always like to wear Christian cross jewelry. They love to wear necklaces, bracelets, and rings. You have to do that for the position players anyway, because Mondays and Thurdays are often off days where you have to juggle guys off your bench if you’re trying to maximize your counting stats. Note that Yahoo tends to carry forward a roster from one day to the next eg, if you swap a guy into the SS position from the bench for Monday, he’ll be there on Tuesday as well. That’s annoying if you only put him there because your regular SS had no game on Monday.

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St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 1 0 from Tropicana Field on Tuesday. Jhonny Peralta and Jon Jay both singled for the Cardinals, who only needed three hits to win their third straight game. There was a square shaped park near my house and I circled around it. Because I was too little to get on and off, I had a lot of small accidents, bumping into cows, street dogs or just riding into a wall head on. This caused some harm to the bike and my body.

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