Minister faces pressure over budget cuts to health service

Minister faces pressure over budget cuts to health service

A key minister will face pressure after failing to convince health bosses that there is no urgent need to cut services in the face of skyro우리카지노cketing costs.

Sir John Major’s deputy, Andrew Lansley, had indicated last month that cuts to the health service could be imposed if the Liberal Democrats did not agree a plan to balance the books over the next two years.

Mr Lansley, the health secretary, told the Financial Times: «There 룰렛will be a financial emergency in the next two years.

«So you will have to choose the most effective way to minimise the financial consequences of this.»

A coalition partner which backs Mr Lansley told the paper it remained «satisfied» with the coalition talks between Mr Key and Mr Lansley, but believed the Liberal Democrats must now «demonstrate leadership».

A source said: «We’re not so keen on a cut, but we think there’s a big problem. I’m told by a senior Liberal Democrat minister that a decision on cuts has to be made at some 007 카지노stage but that the Government will have to be realistic.

«It is an all or nothing decision.»

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Sir John Major says the crisis in the NHS was about «a balance of payments», not spending

The spokesman added: «There will be pressure on the Government from the union movement and the doctors’ union because many of their member doctors work for them, and the Government may need to rely more on the health service or the NHS if they decide that cuts are the appropriate response.»

A junior health minister, Jonathan Edwards, told the Guardian newspaper: «There are plenty of things that can be cut, but when you look at the whole picture… the NHS isn’t paying for things that are not needed.»

The Liberal Democrats have warned of deep cuts to health funding unless they agree the Conservatives pay «fair share» for the care they provide and help people to make their own choices about their care.

Health Minister Simon Stevens told a recent appearance in Brussels of the latest «infallibility of governments», warning that the «unmet» demand for health services, a «lack of resources and pressures» meant hospitals were no longer able to meet increasing demand.

Shadow Health Secretary Anna Soubry said: «Today John Major admitted to his lack of support for health, now the minister wants to see more of a cut to health services and wants to force nurses an


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