Minister foreshadows new direction for education

Minister foreshadows new direction for education

Premier Brian Gallant announced Wednesday that his province will lead the Ontario Government’s new plan to create a new 빅 카지노«knowledge and education ministry» to lead the country’s $1.2 tril카지노lion learning and teaching budget, aimed at ensuring we give our children the tools they need to advance their skills in the 21st century.

In addition, the province will make major cuts to its student aid system and its teacher training program, announced a new Education Minister with the intention of eliminating costs, cutting to two years a course of study, eliminating some fees, and setting up a new Ontario Teacher Professional Development Program.

The Minister announced that the ministry would include the province as a partner in a global learning effort aimed at supporting the development of innovative models of teaching, learning, and research, with the support of partners across universities and the private sector. This would build on government initiatives already taking place, including the Government’s initiative to provide $100 million over the next five years to support the creation of new advanced math and science teaching and learning models through the new Ministry of Education for Mathematics


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