Mother son stranded in snowy mountains

Mother son stranded in snowy mountains

Pilot missing, passenger missing.

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Mount Pleasant police Lt. Ken Riedler said the man and woman are the same person that crashed into one of the vehicles on Tuesday afternoon. They were driving eastbound on Highway 16 when바카라사이트 the crash occurred, and they were struck in the head by a driver’s side door of the northbound vehicle. The other driver was not injured.

Lt. Riedler said the crash involv예스카지노ed both vehicles and was not reported to police. No other information was available about any injuries in the crash.

Lt. Riedler said the passenger suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. The pilot was unharmed.

The pilot’s name and vehicle are not being released at this time, Sgt. Ried바카라ler said.

Sgt. Riedler said the driver’s attention was off the road when he lost his eyesight. He’s had a medical evaluation performed and has no other information yet regarding the crash, he said.

He said the man who was injured in the accident suffered minor injuries to his eyes and his nose and is «working hard to get back in the picture.» The pilot was in good condition but was taken to another hospital.

Riedler said the pilot’s truck was a 2009 Toyota. He said the person who was struck in the crash is the driver’s father, who lives in the area.


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