Newcastle man gets 12 years jail for illegal guns sale

Newcastle man gets 12 years jail for illegal guns sale

MANCHESTER, England — It didn’t take long for someone to notice, and he soon became known as the criminal who sold illegal guns.

On Sunday, a Newcastle court heard how Rohan Baugh, 24, was shot, stabbed and had 평택출장마사지his arm sliced off by a man armed with an illegal firearm while selling it online.

In a video released by Newcastle Crown Court, the defendant described the scene he was in before he sold the gun.

He said he was standing in the street, a block away from a street vendor selling firearms, when a man approached and asked him how much he was selling.

«He looked at me in the eyes and he said I was selling guns to the public so I just told him no,» the defendant said in the chilling video released by the police and court.

The defendant then told him to «be quiet, be quiet, be quiet, because we can hear you now. I’m not taking my phone out and shooting you.»

His friends, who knew what was going on, asked for an ambulance and paramedics arrived and got the victim back to hospital.

But Baugh was charged with gun smuggling in relation to the illegal firearm.

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The man behind the illegal sales told The Press


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