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Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Techniques This step by step video tutorial on Asian eye makeup tips demonstrates for the Asian bride, how to highlight those beautiful almond shaped windows of the soul. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so you’ll want to look like you’ve had a professional makeup artist who knows how to showcase beautiful Asian eyes. coque samsung In this Asian bridal makeup tutorial you bague en argent valeur will learn how to apply perfect Asian eye bague en argent femme tunisie makeup with a professional wedding makeup artist Danica Jardien. coque huawei Simply follow this bague en argent pour index step by step guide and it will ensure that perfect flawless flourish for your wedding day. Asian Bridal Makeup tips for Asian Women Learn how to apply Asian makeup. coque iphone coque samsung Asian makeup tips and video tutorial for beautiful Asian brides. chaussons pokemon bijoux personnalise I have already completed one eye and put on my foundation and filled in my eyebrows. bijoux bracelets coque iphone To begin, I prep my eyelid with Mac Paint pots in Rubenesque. The second step is going to be to add Mac Hush which is a really light pinky colour, right underneath the arch of my eyebrow. I’m not going to use a crease colour match, I’m going to create a fan full of colour on the eye. bijoux bague Majority of Asian women do not have a defined crease area. bague femme Creating a fan around the eye definately works a little better. That’s of course not all Asian women, but it’s a tip for maybe most Asian women. bracelet homme Everyone of course has a different eye shape. I’m going to take the Mac 217 and darken the outer edge of the eye, and the colour I’m using is Mac bracelet homme acier ceramique Star Violet, which is a purple shade. Create your darkest edge here and blend the colour inwards. Once you’ll put the Mac Star Violet on the outer edge of the eye, you could go back to a little Mac Naked Lunch towards the middle of the eye. coque huawei coque huawei Now rhodier une bague en or blanc it’s time for a little bague en or chanel liquid eyeliner. coque huawei I’m going to use Mac Point Black Liquidlast. The reason for bague en argent orgelet this is that a lot of my Asian clients tend to have problems with eyeliner’s and mascara’s staying, so what I like to do is use the Liquidlast because it is the most durable eyeliner I found and it can be a little more difficult to apply verses a gel liner or pencil but it definately stays for the entire wedding ceremony. The trick is to start of with a little bit. It’s best to apply the brush from the side and just drag the colour. You can put a little bit on the bottom because we are going to go back with a little shadow anyway. kawaii licorne coque huawei bague en argent dakar So after you’ve applied that take a softer angle brush, I use the Mac 266 for powder and I’m going to use Mac Sketch Eyeshadow (which is bracelet homme rebel rose a dark purple). coque huawei I’ll go right on top of my line here and again I’m creating a fade with bracelet bague en or the Sketch Eyeshadow on put bracelet homme ivoire vegetal it right on top of the line extend that eye out just a little to make your eyes look even bigger. bague femme Now to curl our lashes. coque iphone Some bracelet homme les haubants Asian women have problems curling their eyelashes even whe an eyelash curler. Here’s a technique that works take a spoon: place your lashes into the spoon and press your thumb underneath and curl up lashes. This technique is one of the best ways to keep the lashes curled along with a waterproof mascara of course. coque iphone Now for the mascara. coque huawei Tshirt pokemon bijoux pas cher If you have difficulties with mascara’s staying on, even with the best waterproof mascara’s, try using a the Mac Liquidlast by dipping in a disposable mascara brush into the Mac Liquidlast and applying it as a mascara it will hold onto your lashes tight and look good throughout your entire wedding. Add a little more darkness under my eye. coque samsung I’ll add bague en argent prix algerie a little bit more of Mac Sketch Shadow. Then add a little more of that white eye pencil inside the eye, this creates a bigger brighter eye. Place a little on th inner eye reconnaitre bague en or as well, bague en or blanc avec rubis just underneath. coque samsung Take a brush and just blend it up. coque samsung Next use the Mac Moisturecover Concealer underneath the eye, this especially good for photography. coque iphone Then set it with loose powder, like Makeup Forever HD’s loose powder, it’s beautiful for photography. coque huawei iphone case iphone 11 case This is perfect for bridal photography, as this bague en argent poinçon 925 Mac Moisturecover photographs really well. coque samsung It’s best to use a slighter lighter shades of Mac Moisturecover to give a highlight to the skin Get some loose powder and dab underneath the eye to ensure that your bague en or avec rubis concealer bague en argent venizi will not bleed and it will stay and it’s light enough and will not dry up your eye area. coque iphone Now bague en or pour femme for bracelet homme steampunk blush. We’re going to stick with our pinky purple theme and use Mac Dame Blush, which is beautiful for weddings. It gives just enough colour, like the blushing bride look with out looking too dramatic. bijoux pas cher If bracelet homme uno de 50 you skin has a deeper skin tone you can try something like Mac Dolly Mix nettoyer bague en or blanc instead of ma bague en argent noirci mon doigt Dame. Next get the Mac Dervish Lip Pencil right around my lipline the Mac Creme stick which are bague en or mariage the retractable formulas for weddings because they are water resistant. coque samsung Next I’m going to use Mac Modesty Lipstick and a little Mac Nymphette Lipglass to finish, it has a pinky gold effect. Apply it only towards to midde of the lips as it works best for photogaphy. Now that concludes our Asian inspired wedding makeup tutorial. coque huawei NOTE: This Asian bridal makeup tutorial is a great look for any bride.


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