Other options include the Brunch Chimichanga

«I looking to get that put me behind me, also,» he said. «I don have too much to say about that right now. I wish I wasn involved with it, but I going to deal with it and move on. But don’t think Tony’s stuck in the 60s, or winding down after more than half a century in the business. He’s recently had a voice over part in the stage show Rip Up the 60s, playing at the Garrick Theatre; he has been presenting on kmfm for more than 10 years and he’s an avid social media poster. You’ll find him on Twitter with some witticisms most days..

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Cheap Jerseys china Despite Boston’s northern locale, there is no shortage of chicken and waffles around town, but Citrus Salt, a «coastal Mexican» restaurant owned by Chef Jason Santos, serves one of the more unusual versions around. Fried chicken is paired with Santos’ blue corn and tequila waffles, along with spicy agave syrup, avocado butter and watermelon pico de gallo. Other options include the Brunch Chimichanga, with scrambled eggs, broken rice, poblano queso, salsa and home fries and Chilaquiles Rojo, with sunny side up eggs, goat cheese and crme frache. Cheap Jerseys china

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