Pakistan police clash with musharraf protesters

Pakistan police clash with musharraf protesters. RSP said the police fired tear gas when they entered into an area where police resorted to water cannon. The police resorted to tear gas as well on protestors who blo수원 출장 안마cked the main highway outside Srinagar and then started firing tear gas pellets inside police vans and vehicles. Protests are also ongoing outside the Punjab and Haryana High Courts, where one police was injured during clashes울산안마 울산출장안마 over bail issues. One protester is reported to have been injured during clashes, while two others were arrested for assault. Protests are ongoing outside the Punjab and Haryana High Courts where one police w온라인바카라as injured during clashes over bail issues. Police fired tear gas while police vans and vehicles opened fire in the presence of protesters at a road block outside Punjab and Haryana High Courts. The police used tear gas against protesters inside court premises as well at an area in Srinagar’s Muzaffargarh area. Punjab Police retaliated at protesters who allegedly opened fire on police vans and vehicles on Highway 1 in the state capital, Srinagar and arrested five people including a local official. The police also fired tear gas on the crowd outside the Punjab High Court. Another local official allegedly resorted to stone pelting and firing and two people were injured, while a group of protesters broke open a window of the police convoy in the middle of the highway. A vehicle carrying security guards of the Punjab police was attacked in Gurdaspur area of Srinagar. An injured person was shifted to a local hospital. A team of riot police have been formed as part of operations against stone pelting, pellet guns and arson.


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