Pee repelling paint to be considered by gold coast council on April 8th

Pee repelling paint to be considered by gold coast council on April 8th.

A Gold Coast City Council vote is expected to be held this Thursday.

It is believed the City of Perth is taking the advice of Perth and Kinross City Councils who have already recommended using PEPS to remove paint from buildings and pavements on city council lands on the Gold Coast.

A spokesperson for Perth and Kinross City Council said if City of Perth or Gold Coast City Council decided to use PEPS on city council lands on Gold Coast streets, they would apply the paint to pavements to be placed on city council lands.

The paint would be sprayed on a three metre wide strip of surface asphalt that is set about six foot away from city council.

It is believed the city council could remove the PEPS paint and apply a replacement paint to pavements on the streets.

The City of Perth will be asked to provide its own plans for the paint job after a decision is made on Tuesday.

The City of Perth has previously said it has decided to use PEPS to remove paint from buildings on the Gold Coast.

PEPS is the official paint remover used by the Gold Coast City Council, which aims to remove paint from buildings from April.

The paint used will be the brand new High Performance Power Painted Clear (HPPC) that is manufactured in Adelaide, Australia.

HPPC paint will be installed at City Council properties, but will then need to be replaced with the PEPS pa우리카지노int on the next round of City Council property resurfacing in 2017.

The paint will be applied from April until October.

The paint will be applied더킹카지노 to four surfaces: pavements, sidewalks, parking and private property.

The paint can be removed with the brush, with or without a mop.

It is estimated it wo바카라uld take between five and nine weeks to apply the paint.

In recent weeks, the City of Adelaide has told residents it will apply PEPS instead of PEPS.

Residents of Southport, on the Gold Coast of South Australia, have received PEPS notices informing them it won’t be applied to their land.

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