Stay at home parents feel almost as much stress as

Think being a stay at home parent is easy? Think again. Stay at home parents feel almost as much stress as regular full time students (who themselves lag behind law students by more than half for serious stress symptoms) and significantly more than people who are employed full time. Surprisingly, the stress of owning a business runs neck and neck with the stress of being out of work..

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From there, MI not only recovered to win the title for the first time, but also completed a double by lifting the Champions League trophy later that year. The years when MI emerged champions 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019, Rohit has scored 538, 482, 333 and 405 runs, showing supreme leadership quality. Purely on the basis of captaincy, Rohit deserves a place in the all time XI, let alone the Mumbai Indians..

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