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It’s the perfect project for a day when you have time to really put in the work. Too much for you? No worries. Becky Krystal rounded up even more layer cakes to try.. 5 that it would close 125 stores in shopping centers across the United States.Xanadu in the swamps of New JerseyNonetheless, in the Meadowlands American Dream forges on.Developers broke ground in 2004 for its predecessor, a mall initially dubbed «Xanadu» after the pleasure dome in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem «Kubla Khan.» Though its construction was halted by the 2008 recession, Xanadu was reborn as American Dream Meadowlands, a US$5 billion development built by the Triple Five Group, the same Canadian firm that constructed the Mall of America in Minnesota. A joint series by WNYC, NJ Spotlight and Bloomberg Businessweek described American Dream Meadowlands as «a labyrinth arrangement of private loans, bond sales, tax incentives and a public finance agency in Wisconsin.»The first portions of the mall finally opened in 2019 after nearly two decades of fits and starts. AP Photo/Julio Cortez, FileIf the financing of American Dream is byzantine, its rationale is straightforward.

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