Trial hears woman denied killing fiance in 2002

Trial hears woman denied killing fiance in 2002

A court in California on Wednesday ordered a man who had confessed to killing his fiance in a 2002 fatal fire to be sentenced to six years in prison.

Daniel D. Correia’s attorney, Douglas Maysher, told jurors there was «no doubt» the 28-year-old confessed at his sentencing hearing to killing his 21-year-old fiancee, Kori Alexander, at their San Diego-area home.

Alexander died in 2007 from a series of complications from a drug overdose. The young man had also claimed he had committed the crime and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Prosecutors contended Correia, who had spent 10 years in prison after pleading guilty in 1998 to the murder of a man and his sister, killed Alexander through arson.

Alexander died of sepsis in 2007 and her parents were unable to pay their medical bills.

At a sentencing hearing, Correia’s attorney said they had no plans to appeal the sentencing in light of the case.

However, Judge Timothy Schindler said Correia was no longer a danger to the public at lar평택안마ge due to his recent rehabilitation.

Correia’s sister told jurors she had no memory of what happened.

Alexander died in 2007, and her family paid $300,000 to the San Diego Fi호 게임re Department following the 2006 blaze.

Suspended man pleads guilty in 1998 fire

A year later, Correia got into a fire when he threw water over his kitchen, causing smoke to spread. A neighbor, Mike Stokes, saw Correia sitting on the steps and got out his back porch to make sur온라인 카지노e no one else was in the house.

Stokes testified Correia looked upset, with his back to the neighbor and the window down.

Correia told the neighbor he had gone on a «shakedown hunt» in the neighborhood for Alexander, whom he knew as Nidia.

Correia said Alexander was a «good girl» but didn’t «know how to go forward.»

The neighbor said they were watching television and heard a noise like the breaking of ice. When they came back inside, Alexander was already dead.

She died while trying to escape the house through a door they had painted to look like a fire exit in the home.

In 2009, a California judge granted a retrial of the case, but Correia went free because of a lack of


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