Trump talks truth and lies with time» by Matt Bai, September 15, 2015

Trump talks truth and lies with time» by Matt Bai, September 15, 2015.

The Post has previously reported on the White House’s decision to cut ties with former press secretary Ari Fleischer amid news reports that the deputy planned to resign earlier구리안마 in the week. The president was in SM 카지노Phoenix for what he said would be a meeting with business leaders Tuesday.

«We will have to see. We’re not there yet. So I want to see.»

«I spoke with him yesterday. He’s obviously disappointed. He’s looking forward to being out of there for the next year. He’s really excited about that possibility.»

Fleischer said on NBC’s «Meet the Press» that he had nothing to do with his decision to step down.

Fleischer declined to say what information President Obama had discussed with him before the meeting.

In November, Fleischer said the administration has «made it very clear,» that he was stepping down — and that he would be a member of Trump’s press corps.

«I can tell you that when we’re talking about [former] Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we’re talking about a man who has literally done tremendous damage to our country for the last four years, not just in foreign policy, but in other areas where we need to grow our economy, we need to have the economy grow,온카지노 we need to do things for your kids to see their futures and help your kids have a brighter future,» he said. «The last four years of Hillary Clinton have caused me a great deal of anxiety.»

Fleischer said in a statement issued on Tuesday that he «cannot and will not participate in the administration.»

ABC News reported late last month that Fleischer had been approached by several news organizations and that one of the outlets, the Washington Free Beacon, had reached out to the White House about working as a spokesperson on the president’s behalf.


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