Two brothers who were pals with tragic Love Island star Sophie

Designer Fake Bags Sophie Gradon’s boyfriend Aaron Armstrong remembered with ‘car meet’ before being laid to restThe 25 year old was found dead on July 10, just days after his girlfriend Sophie’s funeralHundreds of people were brought together to remember Aaron and were pictured hugging and smiling as they swapped stories about their pal.It comes as Sophie’s heartbroken parents released a statement insisting she was not part of a suicide pact with Aaron and his friends, brothers Darryl and Dylan Smith, who were also found dead in June and July.And while there has been no official suggestion that the deaths are linked, Sophie’s parents, Colin and Deborah Gradon, have released a statement denying that their daughter was part of a pact.The statement came after Darryl and Dylan’s father said in a statement that the four had been friends and that they’d grown up together in Blyth.Sophie’s parents also said they’d never met Aaron, who they refer to only by his last name, and that he and Sophie had been dating for just five weeks when she died.The couple said that any suggestion their daughter was involved in a pact with the three men was «malicious and cruel».Colin and Deborah said in a statement: «Having recently read so many inaccurate reports surrounding the sorrowful passing of brothers Darryl and Dylan Smith, we feel bound to amend Replica Bags the mistakes made.»Our daughter Sophie had never met and did not know either of the brothers. Sophie did not ‘grow up’ with them and has never lived in Blyth.Two brothers who were pals with tragic Love Island star Sophie Gradon ‘found hanged within weeks of each other’»Sophie spent an idyllic childhood in Gosforth, Newcastle, and then moved at the age of 10 to Ponteland in Northumberland.»Sophie told us she had just met someone new and had been on a lunch date with him. She was excited at the prospect of starting a new relationship and it was her fullest intention to introduce us to him when the time was right.»At the time of Sophie’s sudden and tragic passing, she had only been involved with Armstrong for five weeks. Designer Fake Bags

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