We are MARRYING each other to make it known

Latest On Arthur. We’re continuing to track Tropical Storm Arthur making a close approach to the North Carolina coast as we go throughout the day. The system remains somewhat unorganized, but heavy rain bands and gusty winds are impacting portions of eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia this morning.

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cheap nfl jerseys After being confined to the house for seven days, I went for my first gentle walk. It was effortless, and the sun was shining. I extended it a little further than I had intended, a total of 2 miles. Toggle navigation MENTOR The National Mentoring PartnershipThis week, President Obama announced the launch of the MBK Alliance, a nonprofit charged with carrying forward the vision set forth in the My Brother’s Keeper initiative to address disparities and barriers to opportunity and achievement for boys and young men of color. MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is proud to serve as anMBK Alliance Partneralong with National League of Cities, Opportunity Youth Network, PolicyLink, Strive Together, United Way, and Urban Institute. MENTOR will assist communities in integrating mentoring as a critical component in their overall strategy to close support and opportunity gaps for young people of color cheap nfl jerseys.


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