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wholesale nba jerseys from china Brian Adam, CEO ofOlympus Group 08:34:22 Wetried to pivot the business alittle bit and use some of thesame equipment we use toproduce mascots and banners toproduce face shields and facemasks for the medicalcommunity THE STAFF HERE ISHELPING MEET A DESPERATEDEMAND FOR PERSONAL PROTECTIVEEQUIPMENT FOR HEALTH CAREWORKERS WHO ARE FIGHTING THECORONAVIRUS.08:35:52 We areproducing our shieldsFroedtert, Children’s andAurora right now EACH DAY,THE TEAM IS PRODUCING UP TOTHREE THOUSAND FACE SHIELDSFOR DOCTORS AND NURSES.08:53:16We wanted to be sure they hadthe protective gear that theyneeded and the best way to dothat was to support a newlocal supplier.NOW, THERE AREPLANS TO EXPAND THISPRODUCTION TO HELP EVEN MOREHOSPITALS. AND THE EMPLOYEESHERE, WHO BELONG TO ANINDUSTRY LARGELY ON PAUSE, AREBUSY.08:35:23 It feels greatto be able to keep our staybusy, keep the employees andthen produce some productsthat are needed in the medicalcommunity today A MASCOT MAKING TEAM. DOING THEIRPART TO SUPPORT TEAMS OFHEREOS WORKING ON THE FRONTLINES.This prop studio now makes face shields!Just a few months ago, Monster City Studios in Fresno, CA, was designing pieces for some of the world’s most popular amusement parks wholesale nba jerseys from china.


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