Acland mine coal legal battle over new hope mine expansion Read more

Acland mine coal legal battle over new hope mine expansion Read more

The ruling also came just days after a ruling by the Australian government that the national coal supply chain should be held legally responsible for environmental damage caused by companies such as the Commonwealth’s Empoli uranium-mining company.

In 2014, Empoli was found guilty of breaching environmental regulations and fined $27.4m, including for the damage to hundreds of rare freshwater fish in the Kimberley region.

The case was based on allegations that Empoli deliberately c바카라ut through wetlands near a reserve ne더킹카지노ar Wivenhoe in Australia’s west.

Wivenhoe was one of the most heavily mined regions of Australia, with some of Australia’s most productive uranium-mining region located there. Its uranium-mining operations are one of the largest in the world and are also suspected of producing highly toxic waste.

«Australia’s government’s actions this week show that this case is far from over,» said Peter Beattie QC, lawyer for the Sierra Club, in a statement on behalf of the plaintiffs. «The Australian government’s move, along with its federal counterparts, to strike down the state’s environmental legislation is a terrible step backwards for Australia’s most vulnerable.»

Beattie said this was «firmly a case of ‘the miners’ against ‘the earth’».

Environmentalists have taken issue with the way Empoli has received a free pass from authorities after it was found to have polluted its former mine site in the Kimberley.

A court ruling in 2011 ruled that Empoli was responsible for the environmental damage caused by its coal mine because of its «unlawful and egregious failure to take appropriate remedial action», and fined it $28.2m.

Ahead of Monday’s hearing, a leading environmental organisation said it would seek a judicial review of the case.

The Sierra Club said in a statement on behalf of plaintiffs that Empoli’s case would «shred» the country’s environmental laws and pave the way for «corporate impunity».

The company has also appealed against the finding of the Australian federal court and the court of appeal, saying it was a «burden on courts to determine if Empoli is legally responsible» for the state environmental laws that caused the environmental카지노 사이트 damage, and called on federal MPs to stop them.

On Tuesday morning, the Federal Court, which in the past has also agreed to hear two other cases, will issue a further finding against Empoli in the case involving its uranium min


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