Amnesty calls on fiji to probe torture allegations

Amnesty calls on fiji to probe torture allegations NANOGALES, Fiji 우리카지노(AP) — Amnesty International has accused Fiji of torturing detainees to extract confessions while a U.N. bague de femme liu jo luxury lj244m14 925 dargent noir pitchu32598 pitchu32598 panel is investigating complaints by more than 10,000 people they were mistreated at an island prison. The report says the Fiji prison on Manaus island was not subject to independent oversight during its brief existence in 2010 and that guards sometimes assaulted detainees and forced them to ingest water to stave off illness in exchange for an increase in their daily food ration. wostu authentique 925 en argent sterling de luxe forme geometrique clair cz perles ajustement original bracelet a breloques fine bijoux s925 fic397 It comes after a new report by an independent investigation by the U.N. human rights council found that the island’s treatment of prisoners was severe, including physical abuse and solitary confinement. The report, released Wednesday by the International Committee of the Red Cross, found that some of the island’s detainees had been beaten, starved and subjected to other forms of ill-예스카지노treatment during their detention in 2010 and 2011. The UN commission of inquiry into Fiji’s conditions of detention, which is headed by Malaysia’s former ambassador to Fiji, has not yet made a decision about its next steps. bague argent pierres multicolores The government has not responded to The Associated Press’ request for comment. collier argent oeil de sainte lucie NICAF denies any mistreatment of prisoners at Manaus, which was established more than 15 years ago and is known to have become a hub for human smuggling and human smuggling rings. The island’s director of police told The Associated Press this month there was no evidence the island had a problem with human smuggling. The U.N. collier ras de cou iris mittenaere 3collierfrance8671 human rights council has no mandate to investigate the claims and is independent from Fiji’s government. The report, «A Summary and Summary Remarks» (PDF), said the «full truth» could not be known and could not be demonstrated. The report concluded: «As a result, there can be little confidence in the claim that all allegations have been fully and fairly investigated.» While the report made allegations about alleged mistreatment at Manaus, it also said conditions there had improved significantly as au더킹카지노thorities moved to bring the prison to a satisfactory status. The report said, «This report indicates that detention of persons who have been arrested and found guilty of violent crimes remains seriously under-reported and therefore inadequate.» It noted that by 2015 the jail was operating normally after extensive rehabilitation efforts. collier coquillage or 1collierfrance118 The committee said in its report that officials have been aware of allegations of inadequate access to medical care, but refused to investigate further, and said there was no systematic pattern of alleged mistreatment at Manaus.


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