And, secondly, China was angered when the Australian

This may be another not so coded threat to an Australian export industry.In 2018, the Chinese government was annoyed by the Australian government’s decision to ban Huawei from involvement in the planned Australian 5G broadband network on security grounds.The federal government’s argument, echoed by the British, is that the Chinese telecoms firm is close to, and can’t run without the approval of, the Chinese Communist government, so letting it into the heart of Australian telecommunications was a real security risk.And, secondly, China was angered when the Australian government echoed President Trump’s call for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, pointing straight at China.His polling numbers are dropping in the blue collar American states which just about pushed him into power nearly four years ago. Blaming China for the virus as it wreaks havoc on the American economy may help him retain the Oval Office in the election in November.Critics of Mr Morrison’s government wonder if the Australian prime minister is dancing to Mr Trump’s tune, either inadvertently or by design as a way of keeping Mr Trump sweet.Mr Trump called for the enquiry and so did Mr Morrison. It pleased the American president and annoyed the Chinese premier.Secondly, there may be a monetary motive.

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