British court rules boy can have radiotherapy treatment, even though the boy is in his 20s

British court rules boy can have radiotherapy treatment, even though the boy is in his 20s

A mother who failed to provide the proper care to a sick child for more than eight months while she was caring for him has been told she must spend a year behind bars.

Boris Hirschberg, 33, from Sarnow-on-Sea, Essex, was sentenced by E바카라사이트ssex crown court to six months in prison after admitting the offence of neglect for failing to provide care for a 15-week-old boy, after she failed to properly monitor바카라 his condition.

After he was discovered with pneumonia and vomiting, he moved into the care of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and on a number of occasijarvees.comons had been transferred from the nursery to hospital.

Hirschberg is currently spending a year in prison but she is due to be jailed on January 22.

Hirschberg was found guilty of failing to provide «appropriate» care to the boy, but said she had not deliberately neglected him in «a manner consistent with due care».

«A large part of my actions [at the time] are attributed to the fact that the child is in his 20s and that I may not have been in a better position to give appropriate care,» a letter from the judge, Sir Christopher Rogers QC, said.

The court heard that the boy had had a number of breathing problems, severe eczema and, at two and a half years, bronchitis. The doctor who examined him, who examined him on the day he arrived, also felt he had lung damage and had warned the boy’s mother not to give him any drugs or any treatments before he was placed on the respirator.

The mother made no attempt to contact the baby’s father before she transferred him to Sarnow, and only called him when the boy was two and a half months old.

Hirschberg, of Horsham Road, Sarnow, pleaded guilty to a charge of neglect and was given a suspended six month sentence.

Speaking after sentencing, the father of the child told the judge: «She put him in hospital, she has admitted that. I’ve been fighting for all this time, with all my money. I was given no opportunity to do anything. Now we’re stuck paying for it, I don’t even know what my wife’s going to do.»

A spokeswoman for Essex Crown Court said Hirschberg’s case was a «very rare example of neglect» an


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