Budget set to target high income earners: RRP to be doubled from the current £4,400 to £6,200 by 2020

Budget set to target high income earners: RRP to be do바카라사이트ubled from the current £4,400 to £6,200 by 2020

Tax rise: MPs will vote next month on a £12bn budget, including further rises

Tax on the rich: Taxpayers will end up paying the equivalent of £18,000 each year for each year they have paid the highest tax rate

‘This is the biggest rise in tax ever,’ he said.

In his speech Mr Davis said: ‘What a welcome change that is. We are moving one step closer to delivering on our campaign promise. It’s time to move on to the other side of the house.

‘It’s time to stop blaming the people of this country and start blaming the politicians of this government.’

After meeting with MPs, Mr Davis said: ‘This government has taken on two tough fights.’

‘You cannot solve problems by imposing new taxes or changes to welfare or spending as people are trying to make their way in life. We’re looking at new spending, to take more on board those with the best interests of society at heart.

‘The economy is stronger than ever before and we have more people on benefits and higher taxation.’

Taxes rise: Mr Davis said ‘tax relief’ will be provided for higher income earners – from those who earn more than £120,000 – by lowering their tax rate. ‘The wealthy’ will also lose out with new income tax bands set to end in April for the top 5 per cent of the population

The tax change could see the price of a cup of coffee increased by around 50p. Currently it is £2.95 and would rise 예스카지노to £4.20.

‘We want to see those families with the most money paying their fair share of tax for better services, but also for better conditions and less stress,’ the Prime Minister’s spokesman insisted.

He added: ‘By raising the £4,200 threshold and cutting the rate of higher income taxpayers, it was also vital to put £5billion towards our public services, while ensuring the economy continues to build.’

The Labour leader said: ‘We’ll make sure tax cuts for the wealthy and cutting benefits for the poor are linked together, which will help to cut tax revenue for the whole country.

‘With the cost of living so h바카라igh, families with incomes of more than £120,000 will pay a total of £18,000 more next year — more than twice what they currently pay.


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