Calls for independent auditor on airport noise

Calls for independent auditor on airport noise

LAWRENCE — The City Council Tuesday will consider appointing an independent auditor to examine the airport noise complaints filed by residents during construction of a $450 million downtown hotel, which has drawn criticism from critics who say the airport has created a major problem for the local economy.

In addition, council members agreed to consider adding a 1 p.m. call for an independent auditor to look into noise complaints on the downtown train- and bus-ground at the airport that run roughly twice a year — in early February and early April.

City officials said they are reviewing the complaints and a city council rule would require an audit if more than six months have passed. The issue is before the Public Inquiry Commission that includes city attorneys and a public affairs specialist. The commission’s next meeting is Feb. 11.

City attorney John O’Connor has said that an independent auditor is needed to 바카라provide advice on whether a project or program — like the $200 million new convention center — needs to be scrapped or whether the city can maintain current standards and services.

Mayor J더킹카지노im Watson said a 1 p.m. call is good practice to make sure an auditor hears the noise complaints that residents have filed, but he said he is open to another option.

«The issue, for me, is do we have enough people working from the outside on this that we get the best information that we can?» Watson said. «Do we have people with an expertise and expertise that would be able to conduct an unbiased and unbiased audit of the facility and help determine whether it’s necessary to go forward with that project? Of course not. I think that’s what we’re trying to figur더킹카지노e out. It may not be the best idea, and we’re trying to figure it out.»

Several months before a city council vote, City Manager David Tarrant said he had already considered adding an auditing auditor, to whom he could call on advice on whether the airport or a project needs to be eliminated.

But Watson said he wanted more time for that discussion.

Watson said that the new $250-per-month hotel room charge — not tax revenue, because the amount of hotel profits and property tax that are returned to the city and state is paid by residents — would force residents of downtown to pay to live at night in a hotel in their neighborhood.

That would slow the downtown train- and bus-ground. Watson said that is already a problem and the new tax charge will not solve it. Watso


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