Church of england attacks gay marriage plan

Church of england attacks gay marriage plan

‘You are all the same to me’: Brit예스카지노ain’s gay marriage ban faces defeat

‘Gay marriage ban’s big, big mistake’: MPs reject marriage amendment

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‘My wife will be voting to leave’: Church of England’s ruling body rejects gay marriage ruling

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‘God willing, we’ll have a gay couple here’: Church of England says it’s against ‘homosexual acts’ in its liturgy

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‘When you live together in the Lord’s house, you are better than when you live by your own: a blessing!’

Church of England’s ruling body rejects marriage amendment

Church of England vows to oppose gay mar바카라사이트riage

Church of England to give final word on future to its ruling body

The church is expected to give its final vote on the law next month.

Gay marriage was voted for in Parliament by more than 70 per cent of its members in June.

A spokesman for the church said last night: «Religious freedom is not something that is just a concern for Christians, or that can be legislated away with just about any political argument.

«A religious organisation should not have to defend itself against the fact that there are Christians who do not believe in their traditional doctrine of sexuality, or who believe t예스카지노hat marriage is defined as between one man and one woman.

«No such organisation is interested in defending its position against the views of someone, any of us, who disagrees with its view, and it is in anyone’s interest that people understand the religious nature of this matter.

«The fac


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