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10 Things We Know About The iPhone 8

This year, Apple is celebrating the iPhone 10th anniversary, and it seems they will do it with a bang at least we coque samsung s7 hope it will be that way. The company is working on the new iPhone that should hit the stores soon. Unlike the previous model, iPhone 7, the all new iPhone will bring many enhancements everyone is eager to see. This is what the rumors say, as there is no official confirmation from Apple about any of it. Here, we are going to share 10 things we know about the iPhone 8 so far, or at least what we think we know. Again, nothing is yet official, so until the coque iphone 6 personalisable moment company reveals the device all these things are still only rumors.

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Will the new iPhone look like its predecessors Apparently not. From the moment rumors about the iPhone 8 started, everyone was wondering will the Apple smartphone finally get a new look. In the past few years, we didn see some changes in terms of design. With this said, it is no wonder why iPhone fans want something new.

There have been many speculations about the look of the upcoming iPhone. We won list all the speculations we saw in the past few months. coque iphone 5s rinochilde However, we are going to mention what happened a few days ago.

Apple made a mistake they coque iphone 5c trop mignonne accidentally pushed out a firmware update for a new device, HomePod smart speaker that will be available at the end of coque huawei mate the year. iOS developers dug through the code, and they found an image of the iPhone 8.

We coque samsung j5 are used to those borders at the top and bottom of the screen, and the borders, we can all agree were pretty thick. At the image developers found, we see the edge to edge screen which is something completely different.

Some speculations say the iPhone 8 will not have the aluminium body. Instead, it will have a glass backed body, the coque iphone 6 silicone rigide one coque iphone 5s miroir amazon we saw for the last time on the iPhone 4s. If you think about glass, you may think about the fact it coque iphone 6s avec is more fragile compared to aluminium. Don let this scare you and here is why.

Things have changed in the past few years coque iphone 6 panthone in the glass technology. Thus, the materials are much stronger, especially Gorilla Glass. Why glass instead of aluminium It may prevent damage and breakage.

Also, rumors say Apple will release three iPhone models. Some will be more coque iphone 5s rouge silicone and some coque iphone 6 plus custom will be less expensive. The one will be the all new and premium iPhone 8, and other two will probably be S upgrades. Will all of three have a glass backed body Some speculations say they will, some say they won According to Ming Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, the more expensive model will come with stainless steel frame. The less expensive models will probably come with the aluminium frame.

When it comes to color coque huawei p30 options, some reports mention 4 and even more. One of the options is It sounds great, right

iPhone 8: Display

What about the display The rumor that started last year is still alive. At least one of the new iPhone models will feature a curved OLED display.

OLED versions of the new iPhone will all have curved screens as Apple ordered only plastic OLED not glass from Samsung Display. Samsung is capable of supplying a little less than 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple, the source familiar with the matter told the told the Korea Herald back in December 2016.

OLEDs offer many advantages including coque samsung note much better power efficiency, better viewing angles, and more. coque iphone 6 logo porsche These don break as easily as glass, but the disadvantage is they are prone to scratches as the plastic is softer than glass. Displays will feature True Tone technology along with Ion X glass.

iPhone 8: No Physical Home Button

As we mentioned earlier, Apple accidentally pushed out a firmware update for a HomePod smart speaker, and Steve Troughton Smith and Guilherme Rambo iOS developers who dug through the code found many interesting things.

The image above shows there is no available space for the home button, and that pretty obvious. But, if you are sceptical, and would like to see more evidence, take a look at this tweet. RIP. Many reports said Apple has been working on the front facing camera that will include 3D sensing capabilities for the face recognition.

The image clearly shows Apple is giving its best to use as much screen as possible. coque iphone 6 plus double face It seems coque iphone 5s game boy noir the area on the top of the screen will be used for the front facing camera and the facial recognition. Again, iOS developers found some evidence for this as well.

can confirm reports that HomePod firmware reveals the existence of upcoming coque iphone 6 relique de la mort iPhone infra red face unlock in BiometricKit and elsewhere .

It also seems Apple will replace Touch ID with facial recognition.

iPhone 8: Water resistance

The iPhone 7 came with the IP67 certification. It will be some improvements coque iphone 5s transparente simpson in this department, as it seems the iPhone coque iphone 6 rechargeable 8 will come with the IP68 certification. The phones that also have the same IP68 certification are Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus.

If you are not sure what this means, the IP stands for the International Protection Marking. When it comes to digits, the first one shows resistance to dust, the second one shows resistance to water. The all new iPhone will probably be able to coque iphone 6s rouge mat be in the water (up to 1.5 m) for 30 minutes…


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