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Since then, the Chinese company has rolled out a handful of other phones, including custodia cover huawei y5 2018 the recent unveiling of the Reno series of phones. This series includes its first 5G enabled phone as well as a more mid range offering, and the subject of this review: the flagship Reno 10x Zoom. The 5G phone is actually the same as the 10x Zoom, but with the added modem for that super fast data connection. Following modern trends, the Reno flagship is a glass and metal sandwich, with curved glass towards the edges on the back, and a screen that dominates the front.

Pocket lintThe materials definitely give it the kind of premium look you’d expect to see on a high end phone. custodia per samsung a40 There are some great custodia cover samsung note 8 design touches too, with two particularly stand out.

First, there’s no camera protrusion on the back. The triple camera system sits underneath the rear glass, so it’s completely flush, unlike you’ll find with the Huawei P30 Pro. Those worrying cover samsung a300fu about that making it too easy to scratch the cover glass will cover samsung ace 2 i8160 be custodia rigida samsung a5 glad to know custodia cellulare samsung alpha Oppo thought about this already: samsung tab s5e custodia there’s the tiniest little protrusion about two thirds of the way up the back that kind of looks like custodia con tastiera samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 a pimple. It’s very subtle, but does custodia cover samsung s6 edge mean that when you plonk your phone down on its back, the cameras are never in contact with the surface.

However, the 10x Zoom is a relatively thick ringke cover samsung s8 phone. At more than 9mm, it’s noticeably thicker than the iPhone XS Max or even the OnePlus 7 Pro. We don’t mean just by the numbers game either; it can be felt in the hand, which we think is likely a result of building the cameras into the back of the phone. But it’s also to do with eye catching feature number two.

Second, Oppo has opted for a pop up front lego pokemon camera in the 10x Zoom and Reno 5G models. But unlike most smartphones with a pop up such as the Vivo NEX S Oppo has built in a shark fin like mechanism that pops up at an angle, featuring the front camera on one side and the LED flash on the other. In order to build this into the top edge of the frame, without impacting the integrity of the phone’s build, there had to be enough frame on surrounding the cover samsung core gt 18260 pop up.

Pocket lintApart from those camera special tricks, the Reno 10x Zoom has a conventional selection of ports and buttons. The power/sleep button on the right has an attractive green highlight on it, while the separate volume buttons on the left are colour matched to the frame. With there being no extra space on the top edge, that means all the other ports are on the bottom edge: USB Type C, speaker huawei p20 hoesje and SIM tray all live here.

That speaker is custodia portafoglio samsung grand prime one of two on the phone, with the other behind a very slim slit in the top edge. Together they offer a stereo effect, but we find the top speaker is much weaker and has no real bass output to it, so most of the power and presence is supplied from the speaker on the bottom edge. Cover that over and you’re left with a tinny, timid sound from one side.6.6 inch fullHD+ display

AMOLED 1080 x 2340 resolution

The display on the Reno 10x Zoom is often super. Rather than Quad HD, you get an extended Full HD panel (that still offers nearly 400 cover samsung s10 plus amazon pixels per inch in density) which means there’s plenty of detail at arm’s length.

What’s more, despite being an AMOLED based panel, the colours are accurate, while also being vivid enough to give you that ‘pop’ you’d expect to see when watching your favourite shows even reds and oranges are respectfully tuned as to not get rid of detail, while still being amply saturated. spigen samsung galaxy s8 custodia Watching Black Mirror on Netflix gave cover samsung originale s10 plus a visual experience we really enjoyed; both because of the colour and the 19.5:9 ratio lending itself well to the 2:1 Netflix Originals.

Pocket lintAs with most modern Android phones, you can also tune and adjust the screen to your preference. You can choose to have it cooler or warmer, or switch off the dynamic/vivid mode in favour of a more flat sRGB option.

Based on Android Pie

There’s an app drawer now, yey!

In previous years, we’ve criticised Oppo’s software for being far too much like Apple’s iOS which just feels odd for an Android based phone. You can still choose the custodia caricabatteria samsung s9 latter if you want it just as you can in Huawei devices, for example but if you like to have all your apps hidden away an an easily accessible and searchable drag up custodia per samsung galaxy a10 window, you can do that now…


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