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Wireless headphones offer convenience and cover samsung s7 edge moschino ease of use, and are no longer too expensive1More Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver BT remains our top pick New products from Jays and JVC make the list There are some impressive true wireless options available as well

Audio purists and buyers with a very low budget may prefer wired headphones and earphones, but the convenience of going wire free is a big draw for many. And while Bluetooth wasn’t great for audio transmission when it started out, it has since improved to the point where most people can’t cover samsung galaxy j7 ebay tell the difference in sound quality anymore, particularly in cover samsung j6 personalizzata the sub Rs. 5,000 space. That, and dropping prices, are the biggest reasons for the growing popularity of wireless headphones and earphones the convenience of no wires is hard to argue against.

Wireless headphones are significantly more affordable than they once were, and it’s possible to buy a good pair for not a lot of cover samsung j3 2016 macaron money today. We’ve put together a list of the best wireless headphones in India at a reasonable budget point of Rs. 5,000, which includes both in ear and on ear models. cover samsung s8 euronics However, let’s first try and gauge whether you really need Bluetooth headphones, and in which cases going wireless will benefit you.

Why should you buy wireless headphones under Rs. 5,000 Till a few years ago, a decent pair of wired headphones cost around Rs. 5,000, while wireless would cost a lot more. Today, you can get a good pair for much less, so you might be tempted to spend that extra money to do away with wires. In our opinion, Rs. custodia per samsung a10 5,000 is a decent amount to spend on a good headset, and this can be considered an investment towards ensuring that you have good sound to go with your smartphone, with the convenience of not being physically tethered.

The benefits of wireless listening are immense. The foremost is the freedom from having a physical connection between your source device and headphones, which can come in handy when commuting, during workouts or jogging, or in any generally cluttered environment where wires get in the way. In huawei p20 pro hoesje cover samsung a5 2016 marvel all of these cases, the lack of wires keeps things safe, convenient, and easy.

The best wireless earphones under Rs. 5,000: 1More Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver BT 1More has built itself a reputation for manufacturing quality affordable audio gear, and a good example of that is the 1More Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver BT. Officially priced above Rs. 5,000, these wireless earphones are often available for less online. With a great combination of design, comfort, and performance, the 1More Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver BT is our favourite pair of affordable wireless earphones right now.

There’s nothing particularly fancy here; this is a regular pair of neckband style wireless earphones. Unlike others in the category, the controls and microphone aren’t on the earphone cable and can all be found on the right side of the neckband. It’s light, looks good, and is usable for hours at a stretch without causing much listener fatigue.

Although charged using a Micro USB port, the 1More Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver BT does support fast charging, offering three hours of use after a 10 minute charge. The overall battery life of six hours, and only basic Bluetooth codec support are its weak points, but the 1More headset more than makes up for this when it comes to performance.

The earphones use an interesting dual dynamic driver combination, with a graphene and titanium driver in cover samsung z1 each ear casing. The sound is refreshingly clean as a result, with tight, calculated bass, and distinctly clear mids and highs. The clean, open and revealing nature of the sound is among the best that you can get in this budget, making the 1More Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver BT earphones our top pick among affordable wireless earphones that you can buy right now.

The best wireless on ear headphones under Rs. 5,000: Jays x Five Wireless Priced at under Rs. 4,000 in India, the Jays x Five Wireless might not seem like much at first. There isn’t much to this pair of on ear headphones, but it does get the basics right. We did have some issues with the design and build quality, but the excellent sound quality more than makes up for that. The sound is detailed, the sonic signature is balanced, and you get excellent value for money.

Another benefit of these headphones is decent battery life; the Jays x Five Wireless ran for around 20 hours on a full charge for us. Although there’s support for just the SBC Bluetooth codec, the Jays x Five Wireless compensates with good drivers and tuning, and this is our top pick among wireless on ear headphones priced below Rs. 5,000.

Best True Wireless Earphones under Rs. 5,000: JVC HA A10T More traditional designs might deliver better value for money when it comes to budget earphones, but we’ve been seeing flip cover samsung note 3 original some impressive true wireless options in this price segment too. Our peluche pokemon top pick among affordable true wireless earphones is the JVC HA A10T. Priced at Rs. 3,999, this is unequivocally the best sounding true wireless headset you can buy right now.

Interestingly, you also get foam ear tips in the box with cover samsung a3 2017 nike this one, and the earphones are light enough for comfortable all day wearing. Although performance on voice calls isn’t very good and SBC codec support means that the earphones can’t quite keep pace with the busiest of tracks, these are cover iphone x xs small complaints on a headset that sounds better than many options that are twice as expensive.

Also consider: JVC HA FX65BN Active noise cancellation is a premium feature that you’d ordinarily expect to see on more expensive headphones. However, the JVC HA FX65BN offers active noise cancellation and wireless connectivity for less than Rs. 5,000. While ANC on these earphones isn’t quite as good as what high end options deliver, you do get basic noise reduction, as well as the typical benefits of a wireless neckband style headset.

Sound quality is nowhere cover samsung s8 red as good as what you’d get from our top pick, the 1More Dual Dynamic Driver BT. Weak passive isolation also tends to take away from the benefits of active noise cancellation. However, the headlining feature alone makes this a good affordable pair of wireless earphones to own if you custodia cover samsung s7 edge often find yourself in noisy environments.

How we picked these headphones Our selections in this guide are based on our reviews and experiences with products, and we’ve picked options that we’ve used or reviewed extensively. We’ve selected both in ear and on ear options, and while it might be possible to find wireless over ear headphones at this price, we don’t think any of them are good enough to make the cut.

Most wireless headphones, including our recommendations above, are equipped with microphones and on board controls for hands free use with a smartphone. This is a basic requirement, and we recommend that whatever you pick, it does have these features. Furthermore, since the quality of wireless headphones depends as much on the DAC and electronics as on the drivers and tuning, it’s important that you buy a product from a good brand that knows what it’s doing.

Other headphones under Rs. 5,000 you could consider HiFuture TidyBuds Pro: Among all of the budget true wireless headsets we’ve reviewed, the HiFuture TidyBuds Pro is unique for one big reason class leading battery life. We estimate over 80 hours of battery cover iphone x consigli life per charge cycle on these Rs. 4,499 earphones, and you can also use the charging case as a power bank. Sound quality and design isn’t very good on these earphones, though.

1More iBFree Sport: If you’re looking for a rugged pair of earphones, the iBFree Sport from 1More is worth considering. At Rs. 3,149, you get a wide soundstage and good bass, along with IPX6 water and dust resistance.

Soundmagic ES20BT: If you’re looking for a very affordable way to get into wireless listening, the Soundmagic ES20BT could be your best bet. At Rs. 1,529, this pair of earphones is significantly more affordable than most other options in the space. You will have to make do with the budget build quality and sound, though.

JBL Endurance Jump: With an IPX7 water and dust resistance rating, the JBL Endurance Jump is one of the most rugged and fitness friendly wireless headsets available under Rs. 5,000. It’s priced at Rs. 4,199, making it a good option for anyone looking for budget earphones to use while working out.

Beyerdynamic Byron BT: This headset is usually priced above above custodia originale samsung j5 2016 Rs. 5,000, but if you wait and watch for deals, you could get it at a much lower price. It’s a very good pair of wireless headphones from a reputed brand, with a focus on sound quality.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones cover samsung j3 2017 silicone disney 2: The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones custodia cover huawei p8 lite 2017 2 is a true all rounder at Rs. 4,499, combining the benefits of true wireless connectivity with good sound quality and performance on voice calls. It also has some premium features, including USB Type C charging and environmental noise cancellation…


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