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2015 Edition

Over the past year, I gone all in with iOS.

Following years of experiments, struggles to switch from a Mac centric workflow, and encouraging signs of s7 custodia samsung maturity from the platform, I chose to make the iPad my primary computer. I used the iPad Air 2 more than any other iOS device before, and the iPad Pro is filling that role now with great success. After being convinced to give the iPhone 6 Plus a try by a good friend, I realized that a bigger phone was better for my needs, which resulted in an instant 6s Plus purchase a few months ago. The iPhone isn only my cover samsung a5 stranger things pocket computer and Twitter machine it my music, my camera (which I used to shoot this video), my custodia libro samsung a20e portable gaming device, and my stream of living memories thanks to Live Photos.

At this point, I only using my MacBook three hours a week to record two podcasts on Skype. Effectively, all my computing work or entertainment related is done on iOS, and I treat my iPhone and iPad with the same care and respect that others would treat their Retina iMacs and Mac Pros. The iPad Pro in particular is the computer that enables me to write and pay the bills. It not just a nice thing to have it the tool upon which my livelihood hinges.

It not surprising, then, that I just as scrupulous when it comes to the apps I choose to get work done. While part of my job is about discovering new apps, such effort isn mandated by a shallow pursuit custodia tab s4 samsung con tastiera of without merit. I constantly on cover iphone 6s personalizzata the lookout for tools that can make me faster, produce better content in less time, and approach what I do in different ways. It a functional curiosity, not a shtick. The virtuous cycle of finding new apps, trying them, and documenting what trickles down to my daily workflow is at the very foundation of MacStories.

At the end of the year, I always like to take a couple of weeks to look back on the past 12 months and assess the state of my favorite apps. I been doing this in various forms for custodia libro samsung galaxy s4 five years now, but I kept the same criteria in mind: which apps truly help me work from my spigen custodia per iphone 6 iPhone and iPad What are the tools that let me enjoy my devices for personal and professional use as much as possible

With the increased importance of iOS 9 and the iPad Pro in my life this year and given some custodia tablet samsung galaxy s2 custodia cover huawei p8 lite 2017 9.7 growing trends on the App Store, I thought I shake things up a little. The vast majority of my favorite apps are available on both the iPhone and iPad and I use them on both platforms; it more logical to consider them as single entities.

Below, you find my Must Have iOS Apps for 2015 the ones that have been essential for my workflow over the past 12 months. At the end of the list, you also find my App of the Year and two . For almost three years, I did all my writing exclusively with Ole Zorn Editorial. [Review]

2Do. A true revelation this year, Fahad Gilani 2Do for iPhone and iPad has actually been around since 2009 and has gone through dozens of updates. However, it only was this cover samsung a5 2017 con acqua summer that 2Do piqued my interest, and what I discovered was, by far, the most powerful and customizable task manager I ever used on iOS.

With its rich feature set, 2Do can become whatever you want. It can be synced with popular services such as Dropbox and custodia portafoglio iphone se la bella e la bestia iCloud Reminders, leveraging push sync to make changes appear almost instantly on other devices. With advanced search, you can filter specific subsets of tasks and save those searches as smart lists for the future. Tasks can have actions that open webpages in Safari or call a previously saved contact. Due dates, repeat settings, and due time presets can be customized. 2Do allows me to manage my tasks like I want to, and it perfectly fits my needs. The result is the task manager I felt the most comfortable with in years, and I been forgetting less and doing more thanks to it. [Review]

Workflow. The app custodia a50 samsung that reimagined iOS custodia cover samsung s7 edge automation through deep system integrations and drag drop actions (and my app of the year in 2014) has gone through various updates in the past year that extended its capabilities to areas such as Kit and WordPress. While I often replaced my workflows with native apps that gained functionality that I no longer had to automate, the reality is that I always find something that can be sped up and automated to save time on iOS. For the past few months, I been using Workflow to publish Markdown to WordPress, combine screenshots in a single image, quickly send pre filled messages from its widget, and more. As the purest expression of iOS automation, Workflow has a key role in my computing life. [Review and previous coverage]

Copied. I started using Copied by Kevin Chang in early November, and it didn take me long to realize it would become my custodia s7 samsung originale favorite clipboard manager. I tried many similar apps through the years (such as Clips and Copyfeed), but Copied provides the best combination of simplicity and flexibility for what I need to store custodia in silicone per iphone 5 in the app and access from two devices. At its core, Copied holds bits of text and images, syncing them with iCloud across iOS and OS X. Its iCloud sync is the fastest I seen in any similar app, and it can even push clipboard items directly to other devices with actionable notifications.

The true power of Copied lies in the variety of options and customizations available in and outside of the app. You can create templates for pasting copied items in different formats such as Markdown or HTML links; you can save, copy, and paste items while using other apps thanks to a widget, action extension, and custom keyboard; clippings can be organized in lists, links can be previewed in Safari View Controller, and you can save images from the Photos custodia subacquea cellulare app to store them alongside text. Copied helps me save a lot of time when moving URLs and text clippings between my iPhone and iPad, and I use it to store canned replies for Club MacStories support emails as well. [Review]

Slack. 2015 has been the year of custodia iphone 6 donna Slack for the MacStories team. After trying several services since 2010 (from group iMessage conversations to HipChat and GroupMe), we found what we were looking for in Slack thanks to its excellent integrations, open APIs, solid mobile apps, and deep customizations. We pay for Slack because our communications, status alerts, and even news aggregation feeds are based on it. I using Slack with two different teams (MacStories and Relay FM), and we created a custom command for our MacStories channels so I can easily assign tasks to myself and have them end up in 2Do. My two other highlights from Slack: I can redirect emails to it as part of our paid account, and the app takes good advantage of the iPad Pro display. I love Slack, which is kind of strange to say for a communication service, but I can escape this feeling.Previously known as Acompli, the email client acquired by Microsoft that later turned intohas evolved into one of the most popular email apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Forget what you know about the legacyfor desktop computers:for iOS is a modern app with support for iOS 9 multitasking and 3D Touch, integration with email providers like Gmail and iCloud, an extension to send messages from apps, and push notifications.hasn completely abandoned its nature of email/calendar hybrid, though: the app launched with a basic calendar built in, but Microsoft is promising deeper support for calendar cover samsung s3 mini custodia cover samsung note10 plus originale features thanks to Sunrise, also acquired by the company.

I usebecause it fast, reliable, and polished. Threads are nicely formatted and they load quickly. Search for my Google Apps account that goes back to 2009 returns results in a few seconds. Attaching files to messages is a breeze, too, as the app integrates with Dropbox and Google peluche pokemon Drive to view your files and send them as inline attachments or links. Initially, it felt strange to say that Microsoft was making the best email client for iOS right now, but that absolutely the case. I very happy with .

1Password. AgileBits app doesn need an introduction. I been using 1Password for over six years now, and I would be lost without the app my logins, scanned IDs, and private notes are all in it, stored securely behind my master password. I like to point out a feature that 1Password gained in the last year, however: support for 2FA logins. For a long time, I used Authy for this purpose, but since 1Password gained the ability to hold and create one time passwords I consolidated all my regular and 2FA logins in it. Together with the next app, 1Password is the very definition of a must have on my devices I included it in every roundup I published since 2010. [Review and previous coverage]

Dropbox. I don know where I would be without Dropbox. For the past five years, the service has been my filesystem in the cloud, offering a simple way to sync files with drag drop in the Finder (back when I used to work on multiple Macs) and native integrations with iOS apps to let them sync their huawei p20 pro hoesje documents and libraries anywhere. Today, the Dropbox app isn great it still lacks iOS 9 multitasking support on iPad, for example but it got decent options to create shareable links and manage folders, and, plus, it my only choice if I want full control over my Dropbox on iOS…


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