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If you in the miles and points game, it quite likely that you may have more than one credit card from a given bank. That to say, whatever points I earn go into a central pool, and points are taken from that pool.

Contrast this to Citibank, which does not pool credit card points. If I hold a Citi Prestige and a Citi Rewards Visa, my ThankYou points need to be redeemed separately, and I pay as many stampa cover conversion fees as I have cards.

Points pooling also matters when it comes to cancelling cards. Since Citibank points do not pool, I need to cash out all my points on a given card before I cancel it, or otherwise forfeit them. Since UOB points pool, cancelling a cover samsung s 4 cellular line given card has no impact on my total points balance, assuming it not my last points earning card with the bank.

All things equal, it much better to earn points with a bank that pools. So which do, and which don banks pool pointsHere a high level summary of which banks do and don pool points.

BankPools Credit Card PointsYes1No2NoYes3NoYesYes4No5Yes6There is some nuance to this, so be sure to read the details below.

(1) American Express

Pooling is irrelevant for the KrisFlyer cobrand cards, because miles are automatically credited to the linked KrisFlyer account and you can concurrently hold more than one cobrand card anyway.

If you hold an AMEX Platinum Charge and an AMEX Platinum Reserve card (remember, you don need custodia samsung core prime g361f to pay the annual fee on the Reserve), there are two possibilities.

(1) Some people will see their points pooled automatically on the custodia samsung s8 originale back end, all convertible at the more advantageous 400:250 rate. If you in this situation, the drop down cover samsung custodia cover samsung a5 t325 menu for Points Account will look like this.

(2) Some cover samsung galaxy s3 mini ebay people will not see their points pooled on the back end. Instead, they have one points account for their AMEX Platinum Charge, and another points account for their AMEX Platinum Reserve. If you in this situation, the drop down ebay custodia samsung galaxy note 10 plus hoesje samsung j5 2016 menu for Points Account will have a Account button to toggle between custodia samsung galaxy zoom points balances.

It the same logic if you hold an AMEX Platinum Charge and an AMEX Platinum Credit Card, or an AMEX Platinum Charge and an AMEX Rewards card.

(2) Bank of China

Although Bank of China only has one miles card on offer, you may still end up paying multiple conversion fees.

(3) DBSDBS is slightly confusing, because points are kept separate on the back end but pooled together at the point custodia cover iphone 7 8 se2020 of redemption.

For example, peluche pokemon note how the DBS Rewards portal shows that I have 4,971 DBS points custodia cover samsung s7 edge on my card ending 4921, and 2,121 DBS points on my card ending 6440.

Although each card individual balance is less than 5,000, I still able to redeem a block of 5,000 DBS Points because the points are pooled tutte le cover samsung s6 edge together for redemption. The system will prompt me to cover iphone 6 se select a credit card number to custodia batteria iphone x the points from, but it doesn matter which card I pick…


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