Emails reveal victoria police tried to keep lawyer x out of news story

Emails reveal victoria police tried to keep lawyer x out of news story The emails also show that prosecutors were concerned about a newspaper reporter who received a letter from her father’s office saying she wasn’t a candidate and didn’t have to fill out paperwork. collier homme naissance 1collierfrance5547 A city official, also not named in the documents, forwarded an email to the office of District Attorney Stephen Van Slyke saying «The only way I can keep my lawyer out of this (scandal) is if she doesn’t get the mail until next week, no later than Monday.» «Is this all true?» Van Slyke asked at one point, according to the emails. balanbiu elegant noir resine rouge cristal perle de culture longue chaine dangle boucles doreilles pour femmes cadeaux mode or couleur bijoux He also asked for the names of the city’s attorneys. collier femme avec prenom enfants 3collierfrance3711 The emails also revealed that prosecutors tried to have reporters barred from news conferences by insisting that they speak exclusively to «law enforcement personnel,» not journalists. At one point, prosecutors also asked the newspaper to refrain from mentioning a news report detailing an alleged scheme by officers to «sabotage» the city with a fake bomb threat, said to be made by officers who슬롯 머신 were acting on an anonymous tip. The media relations officer for the city said in an email response to The News the information in the email was «confidential and contained information protected from disclosure.» The emails were recently obtained through a request under Illinois Public Records Act. The Daily Herald reported on Oct. 23 that Springfield police were investigating allegations that officers from the 11th Precinct engaged in a conspiracy to put a fake bomb threatening call to city hall, sending false bomb threats on Oct. 10 and October 16. collier homme dent de loup 3collierfrance6090 Police Chief Rick Fitzgerald and top commanders were interviewed by detectives probing the bomb-threat incident. A week after the Oct. 16 call, the police chief, who has since retired, had a meeting with Fitzgerald’s chief of staff to discuss the allegations, according to the email records. bracelet argent nature et decouverte The police chief asked that the police department’s internal affairs bureau hold a news conference Wednesday evening, after a group of reporters showed up at Fitzgera온라인 카지노 사이트ld’s house. bague femme kaki Van Slyke responded, according to the emails, «As you might imagine, I think we had a really good meeting today.» He said the officer was «remarkably well taken care of» in his interview. But the chief still wanted to talk to reporters, according to the emails.


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