Fears for wa neighbourhood community centres amid funding change

Fears for wa neighbourhood community centres amid funding change

He said he had spoken to the president of a religious faith organisation in Canada about the matter.

On Friday he said the community centre had received an invitation from the president of the American Baptist Church’s board of trustees to host the community centre.

There were no meetings of the board of trustees, said Kowalczyk, who is also president of the Canadian Centre for Independent Media, an organization working on the issue of free speech online and offline.

«We understand there were some concerns for the area … they’re concerned about the safety of people. But they also understand it’s not what they were going to do. Th카지노 사이트e concern was going to happen … because of funding.»

Kowalczyk said one of the things they’re asking themselves is «what should we say?»

«I guess we can just say something nice,» he said. «But there are some problems there.»

Some other concerns include what to do with the church’s property if it gets bought by someone else, he said.

He suggested another community centre in the same community or neighbourhood could be a good option.

Kowalczyk said people have expressed concern about where the mosque stands in a community, because the mosque doesn’t yet have an address.

But his main concern is for the security of the mosque. He said people in the neighbourhood are concerned about violence and if the building is being used as a place of worship.

«They’re not going to go there (to pray) just because they don’t have to, because they can go there without a peapronxrmit,» he said.

Kowalczyk said it’s a safety issue and some people would «feel they have a right to go there.»

The community centre’s general manager, Kevin Trenberth, said in a statement tapronxhat the centre will host «a regular community event.»

There will be no announcements or announcements of dates for other events, such as concerts.


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