Funds boost targets showgrounds revamp

Funds boost targets showgrounds revamp Harrison said the funds were put in place to address the issue of high rental cost솔레어 카지노s in the area. Harrison, who is chairman of the board of education for the city of Harrison’s Northside district, said the funds come in an attempt to increase the district’s educational budget by at least $200,000. He said the district expects the project would add a third staff member. node coque iphone 11 If the school district is unable to raise funds through the bond issue, its next option is for the city to take over some or all of the funds it receives to he포커lp fund the project. «Once the money that was originally going to go into the district went out, there was a significant reduction in our expenditures on education,» Harrison said. Rents for the property, which was previou아산안마sly the school at 1 W. Main St., rose significantly between 2002 and 2012, and they have since dropped to about $2,000 a month. A number of neighborhood organizations, including the East Bay chapter of Neighborhood Progress and the West End Community Council, have been trying to get the property re-valued. The Harrison district, which includes the school at 1 W. Main St. and four other buildings as well as a vacant office building, is located in a small city about three-quarters of a mile west of West Oakland. That city is one of the poorest in Oakland, with a population of more than 1.7 million. urahara kisuke coque iphone 11 Rent rates in Harrison’s school district are between $750 per month and $800. gundam cockpit coque iphone 11 The district pays $3,100 per year for all residential rents in the district. coque iphone 6 anime The bond issue is expected to go before voters next year and a voter turnout rate of 80 percent would be needed to approve it. coque iphone 6 licorne 3d The bonds would have to generate about $35 million annually to pay for the school construction, said Harrison. The district also hopes that local businesses and non-profit groups would foot the bill for the bond in any redevelopment costs related to the project. meilleur coque samsung a3 2017 Councilman Richard Conley, a board member of the East Bay Community Coalition, said the proposal by the school district could have a positive impact on the district’s mission of educating children, including the approximately 500 students in Harrison’s Northside. oreshura coque iphone 11 But Harrison said that doesn’t mean a portion of the bond could not raise enough for that purpose.


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