Government funds study of wimmera mallee pipeline expansion

Government funds study of wimmera mallee pi마이다스카지노peline expansion Pipeline expansion review could take two more years as companies struggle to get permits The Canadian government announced Monday it wants to continue the study of a $11 million expansion of the Manitoba wimmera oil sands project, but said there was little that could be done to expedite it as companies scramble to get permits. The review was ordered last year under a new energy minister who promised to look at future oil sands projects. A year later, that review concluded that an expanded pipeline to the coast, at an estimated cost of $17 million, would pose no danger to water supplies at the remote Mallee site, and the pipeline could have positive environmental benefits. The government announced it also is planning to conduct a se카지노cond review, one with more specific goals for the project. bracelet homme breton «We are planning on doing something for the future,» Alberta Premier Rachel Notley told reporters in Calgary. cincin wanita plaque ensembles de mariee bagues de mariage 2 pieces double bague de fiancailles pour les femmes bijoux accessoires de mode cc165 «We are moving forward.» She would not say whether there would be the same level of federal aid to keep the study going. But said the government must do something to meet its가평안마 가평출장마사지 obligations. «That’s why we are in this mess,» she said. collier homme carpe diem «We’re going to do everything we can to make sure this study is done in a responsible way.» The oil sands and its surrounding region produce about 45 per cent of Canada’s oil. The expansion has come under fire from environmental groups, who say it will devastate the region’s freshwater supplies and threaten water quality. wostu 100 925 argent sterling creux ailes de fee mignon perles breloque pour bracelet pendentif authentique argent fabrication de bijoux fic838 Oil sands development is also linked to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and to carbon emissions from agriculture in rural Canada. vintage cercle pendentif boucles doreilles pour femmes fille ethnique boheme perles rondes pendentif goutte oreille manchette boucles doreilles cerceau Environmental groups, however, say the expanded project would be safer and more economically efficient, especially with existing pipelines now under construction that transport crude oil through the region. bracelet homme pierre et or «We have been working with the government all along because it was something we knew needed to happen,» said Greg Evers, the director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s water quality program. He said the government didn’t respond promptly to the groups’ calls for consultation and «no longer has the capacity at this point.» The oil-sands industry has said all three projects are subject to environmental review.


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