Granite island aquarium plan worries local junior surfing club

Granite island aquarium plan worries local junior surfing club

The group also wants the water quality at the site evaluated.

The site was chosen because it is in a remote corner of southern NSW, and has limited surf access, local surfing club Granite Island Junior Surfers and Recreation told the court.

The government is not seeking to restrict the amount of recreational swimming, playing or boating on the proposed site, the group said.

The court heard the proposed land would be on land the government was selling to land owners in the Central Coast, and could potentially be used for mining or industrial uses.

But a local junior surfing club, Granite Island Junior Surfers and Recreation, was concerned that the proposed site would «inadvertently» contaminate the river더킹카지노.

«In this partic예스카지노ular case, it is not in the best interests of the community for recreational surfers, and boaters, to be swimming on the site that is essentially open to the sea,» a group spokesman said.

The Surfers Central Coast Marine Park Board argued the community was «at risk» and «in need of better control of a sensi바카라사이트tive recreational beach».

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