Interest in cold store business

Interest in cold store business?

The concept of cold storage is gaining momentum. The concept is called «Cascade Cold Storage.» The goal of such stores is to turn unused storage space into a safe and convenient place for customers and employees to use while taking advantage of lower electricity bills.

Cascade Cold Storage is getting some big attention.

According to CNBC’s Business Insider, a national leader in this market is New York-based Home Depot, which is known for being one of the «crappiest retailers in America,» thanks to its «big-box» retail stores.

It recently made headlines for its «coldest temperature test,» a company spokesman told Business Insider.

There’s also a whole range of stores popping up around the country:

More from CNBC:

As더킹카지노 the cold storage movement spreads and customers increasingly look for ways to lower their utility bills, a new company is taking the concept forward. Cascade Cold Storage Inc. (NYSE: CCSL) says it wants to be the first cold storage retailer to sell products online that can be made cold by «cold stacking.» In other words, the products can be stored overnight and be ready to be refrigerated by the next morning when needed.

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Cascade’ cold storage facility opens this week in Houston, and is expected to open a cold storjarvees.come in a few more states next year.

To be fair, the company’s goal isn’t to turn the cold store into an exclusive boutique. In fact, the company’s founder said he wants to open a second cold storage site that could be used to sell cold medicine, equipment, and more.

«We see the opportunity to be a retail and a distribution company for cold, w바카라inter and summer storage,» the company’s spokesman, Adam Williams, told CNBC.

He also said, in an interview with CNBC: «People just don’t have access to it. I don’t think they realize how expensive it is to do that.»


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