Jones replaces selwood for eagles game, paul goss and david lindy

Jones replaces s영양안마elwood for eagles game, paul goss and david lindy Posted on August 25, 2016 in World News The New Zealand Football Association announced today that Chris Coleman, David Lindy, Andrew Robertson and Ryan Dunlop have been suspended by the Puma Premiership for two matches for their actions during the England v Australia match at Twickenham on Sunday. bague swarovski groupon The suspensions were announced following a meeting with Puma, the Puma Football Club and the New Zealand FA with the involvement of coach and player. livraison gratuite nouvelle mode femme fille couleur or jaune clair cristal autrichien bracelets NRL Players’ Association Chief Executive and Club Administrator Scott Prowse said this is an extremely important, time sensitive issue, where we feel the punishment of players is justified as such a strong stance to ensure our game stands apart from other teams in terms of discipline. collier grosse maille argent femme 1collierfrance1102 «The action has had a significant impact on our players. wostu reel 925 argent sterling petite souris perles breloques animaux ajustement original bracelet pendentif pour les femmes fabrication de bijoux fic1318 The first time any action was taken by the Puma Club concerned the dismissal of the Puma Junior Academy players for using’shoehorning’ to create a running gap at half-time of 4 metres for England players to attack our players, which was illegal. In our view, this is a much stronger stance that the Puma Academy players have taken in the context of what they believe was a deliberate attempt by a junior representative to cause confusion or to injure our players.» NRL Integrity Team Coordinator Alan Richardson said, «We are delighted that the suspensions have been upheld after a very thorough review process where we have listened to the views of our members. «The suspension orders are designed to prevent players from taking on the appearance of cheating, and that is not the case at all with these sanctions. It is clear that in these moments, the game has to be considered in로투스 홀짝 its most difficult of times and has very real consequences for players. bague diamant bouge In this instance this should never have happened but the way in which the incident transpired, in this first Test between two high-profile teams of two of the best teams in world rugby, means that these are very real consequences for our players and the game. bracelet argent naiomy «The way this was dealt with is absolutely a case that our players are incredibly proud of. They are very angry, but in order to protect the integrity and the integrity of the game the integrity of our game has to be upheld. «We hope that all those involved in the game and those who are watching and i서산출장샵nvolved in the game will agree the action was the right one.


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