Jordanian tv airs militants confessions in front of cameras

Jordanian tv airs militants confessions in front of cameras. Newscast of ISIS broadcast in Kurdistan with an English translation of ISIS’ video. cc s925 argent anneaux pour hommes amour promesse gentleman marie mariage romantique bague fiancailles fete bague bijoux cc674 Nursel says he’s received multiple requests for his help in understanding ISIS’ plans. collier femme oeil de tigre 3collierfrance3588 Newspapers are publishing statements from ISIS in German: Bild newspaper: A group of people has seized a government office in Diyarbakır, and they believe they are part of the Syrian revolution. The attackers opened fire at police and security forces, but were stopped by some security forces. Pulahats구미출장샵ir (in Turkish) carried reports SM 카지노that an elderly man was arrested on Friday for planning to participate in violent clashes with state security forces: İdris Kondakyan, a 62-year-old pensioner in Diyarbakır was detained on Friday. He had gone out looking for work to relieve the financial shortage caused by a worsening oil price. He was taken to a police station because of that, but was released on Friday afternoon without charge. collier cuir femme fetish 3collierfrance2048 No details have been released about his case. Bild said this was also reported on Facebook: This morning I was stopped by police from driving to work at my job in Diyarbakır, only to have my car broken in by armed men and be arrested on suspicion of planning to commit an act of violence. The police have asked me to stay with them at the station for further questioning for a bit. When I informed the local prosecutor of their concerns I was released without charge. I had hoped that someone would pay attention to it after the death of a few hundred people in Diyarbakır this week. However, I still cannot understand the motives behind this, nor the way they are planning to carry out these violent attacks. bijoux homme luxe collier 3collierfrance5997 In the next few days it is going to be easier for me to understand why they will carry out these attacks. Kurdish TV shows militants’ confessions in front of cameras Some Kurdish media outlets are ru블랙 잭nning reports of ISIS’ confessions during the recent spate of terrorist attacks, reports a Rudaw interview with Erkan Cihan. collier pierre bleue 3collierfrance704 Cihan reported from a village of Söküş, a Kurdish center bordering Iraq, to Rudaw that three masked men came up to him and said they were from ISIS. He did not know who the men were. Two of them later apologized and left the village.


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