Libyan rebels lose more ground to gaddafi militia

Libyan rebels lose more ground to gad바카라사이트dafi militia

«They are now trapped and they should be given the possibility to leave but they can only leave so many kilometres further back away from their homes. And this is where the Islamic State (IS) are on the move. They are coming up behind them in Libya today.»

He called on the United Nations Security Council to intervene «regardless of the timing».

‘Borders fall’

Mr Kuklinski said the United States and its allies were fighting IS extremists «on the ground, without borders» and were helping the Libyan government secure a future.

«What we are seeing now is borders falling back, and they바카라사이트 are the only ones that can protect us from this. Our goal is to leave and there is no other opti더킹카지노on.»

Libya is deeply divided along ethnic lines and has one of the world’s most unstable governments.

Mr Kuklinski praised Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni’s security forces, which have been largely immune to foreign interference.

«They have killed hundreds of terrorists. Their efforts are paying off and they have shown that they have met their responsibilities under international law to protect the Libyan people.»

The BBC’s Nick Bryant, in Tripoli, says President Obama’s planned military intervention is a major blow to rebel forces in the country, and his plans have been closely watched in the region.


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