Lucy the lucky lab rat

Lucy the lucky lab rat

This is a beautiful piece of art from the 1980s, from the late 70s onwards. Lucy is a lab rat on an open bed in a room. She looks so happy for people’s attention. There was no sign of any illness or injury. All that was visible is her shiny pink and purple fur which hangs down her body like a huge skirt of fur — perfect!

From left: Lucy, a lab rat, and her toy

Lucy the lucky lab rat

An early 1980s poster promoting The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack

In this amazing image of The Rat Pack there are two rat rats, two monkeys and a bear. I guess their owner, Mr. Ratty, would be the real hero. He has an old TV set in his house which plays his favourite programmes. I love it!

From left:

The Rat Pack, The Rat Pack, and a bear

A later poster promoting The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack and a house

In other Rat Pack related pictures from The Museum of Rats we are shown a couple of the other animal exhibits in our collection in that period. These pictures from around 1980 show The Simpsons, The 바카라LazyTown, The FuzzyCat, and so on. There are many more from tapronxhis period in our collection. For example here are pictures from the same period of The Flock:

From left: The Flock, The Flock, and a tree

The Flock, a tree, and a bunny

Another of this great collection. Some other lovely exhibits from this period include this lovely image from an early 80s poster promoting The Flock, this piece of paper from The Flock poster from 1970, and lots of other pieces from The Museum of Rats, and The Museum of Rats’카지노 사이트s other collection.

As this website has been designed and published over 50 years ago, you can easily learn about the fascinating history of The Rat Pack, and its wonderful animals as they came to America!


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