Lynch suspended fined after drink drive charge

Lynch suspended fined after drink drive charge Munsey, 45, is the first member of the family to be convicted for drink driving since a landmark decision in 2001 that made driving under the influence illegal. He pleaded guilty to drink driving following his arrest in February and is serving a three-year suspended prison sentence after the ruling came to light. «This decision to prosecute and suspend the drivers involved and to provide the community with a detailed assessment of the impact of its approach should be applauded. «It is a very significant outcome, and in this case, we hope that it serves as an example to others to take responsibility and to follow the same advice. «While it should be noted that not all of the drivers involved in the incident at the time of the charge were charged, it is imperative that their potential prosecution was not ignored by the criminal justice system.» Read more: Driver charged over Dublin night crash ‘will not escape charges’ Judge Peter Byrne said it was important that the risk for each side was considered and that as a result of this there바카라사이트 would not have been «a very good outcome». He said he was «disappointed» that the driver of the silver minivan who caused the crash, who was not involved in the case, had not been prosecuted. «It must also be remembered that both men involved were members of the family of our client,» he said. «In all my years as a judge, I have often had to deal with serious alcohol and drink driving issues and I have always believed that if it was the family members who chose to make such choices the consequences would be very, very heavy.» Munsey will serve a three-year prison sentence, while the other two men are still suspended for a minimum of two years. Mr Martin said the decision was a major victory and that he was optimistic it would serve as a cautionary tale to others. «This was a difficuapronxlt case, in terms of the potential consequences for any drivers and the impact on our community. In no way did this decision result in the conviction of any of the drivers involved in this case. «If anything it shows that the criminal justice system really works. I’m still disappointed because my husband and sist더킹카지노er are innocent but I have an enormous respect for this jury as it ruled against them. «I don’t know if the outcome of the trial would have been the same.


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