Man who killed wife gets green light to drive taxi from New York to Miami on a bike

Man who killed wife gets green light to drive taxi from New York to Miami on a bike… but he’s still not allowed The incident with Chris was captured by video camera on Tuesday. Video obtained by CNN and shown to the judge Monday suggested that Christie’s office was not following proper procedures when Chris was arrested. A lawyer for the governor’s office told CNN that the case was reviewed by his legal team and that no review took place. The state was allowed, but not required, to wait 24 hours before allowing Chris to start driving. His lawyer, David Wildstein, did not return messages seeking comment Friday. coque iphone 4s harry potter The judge approved a search warrant Thursday and allowed the state to arrest and take possession of a motorcycle owned by Chris. samsung galaxy s8 coque de marque Chris also owned a Harley-Davidson. basketball cartoon coque iphone 11 The motorcycle had Christie’s license plate number, B2FJ. At least three motorcyclists watched the arrest unfold from the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. «We’re lucky, we don’t need this,» said Anthony Schoppes, 58, from Newark, on a bike. A New Jersey state patrol bike officer was riding a dirt track at the time o실시간 바카라f the arrest, with Christie’s signature and «Governor Christie» spray painted on the right side. The video captured the moment the motorcycle was stopped by officers and Chris was handcuffed and led away by three officers. The state police cruiser also recorded the stop. In a statement provided to CNN, Ch일산출장마사지 일산출장샵ristie’s office said the governor is «not a passenger on a vehicle during an arrest. bleach hollow coque iphone 11 The Governor has never been on a vehicle during an arrest.» As the judge was about to give the license-plate number to the state police, the state’s top cop called to ask about C구리출장안마hris, Christie’s top law enforcement official. The cop told the judge that the motorcycle driver should release Chris. The judge asked why not and the cop added, «Well, he’s already taken the risk, you know, in that case, he wouldn’t have taken the risk. coque huawei officielle And he’d be in prison.» That’s when a state police cruiser got involved. The driver of the motorbike was detained at gunpoint and later released, but the trooper who arrested Chris got off scot-free. coque samsung galaxy s5 fairy tail After the stop, another motorcycle was stopped by state troopers, and when a trooper pulled up to one of the cars and pulled out his badge, Chris jumped out and hit the man.


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